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The Credit Store 7 Phases to Healthy Credit

 The Credit Store is more than just a credit repair company. We focus on every area of your   credit not just the items we think we can get removed. We have found that many people need help with credit concerns. Through our 7 Phases to Healthy Credit our clients have achieved better results overall on their credit picture than just focusing on removing items.

 Every person’s needs are different and because of that we have focused our attention on having several programs to help our clients find the right fit for their needs. 


  7 Phases to Healthy Credit Program


 The importance of the 7 Phases:

The Seven Phases are all important as it will help you cover all 5 aspects used to calculate your credit score. Sometimes addressing just one area of the pie may provide improvement but it will only be for a short period of time. With each of these phases you will find your credit profile improving and gaining strength and over time you will see major improvement that will help with long term stability.

The orders of the phases are important to follow since each phase builds on the previous one. You may find that some of the information in the phases will not be pertain to your credit needs. The phases are designed for review and actions to take if need be. If each phase is followed carefully and properly you will see that you can improve your credit even if you have great credit!



Enrollment Fee-$249 Individual / Monthly Fee- $99 (Avg. Client(s) 6-8 months)12 months max service

                             $349 Couples / Monthly Fee- $149

                             Included services below and 24/7 portal access

                             Additional packages available based on your credit needs

                             Consultation: $49 Single/ $69 Couple


So let's get into "The Seven Phases to Healthy Credit"...


Phase 1: Evaluate -Complete Program

 The first phase is a one on one consultation to review the information that is reporting on your credit report. Our highly trained credit consultants will review your credit report to evaluate the 5 aspects of your credit scores: Payment History, Debt Ratio, Length of Credit, New Credit, and Types of Credit.

During the evaluation process we will help to identify areas that your credit can improve and help determine what actions will need to be taken to be able to get you to your financial goals.


This includes:


  • Determining if your balances need to be paid down

  • If new credit needs to be established

  • If old accounts need to be used

  • If you need to establish different types of credit

  • Detailed review of the derogatory items reporting against you. 

    You will receive this FREE Credit Evaluation Report from us - even if you do not use our services!


    Phase 2: Monthly Class - (Recommended)

    Attending monthly class will bring about a security and help you become more educated on how to keep you credit and finances on track. The classes will help you understand credit, finances, and our process more.  The classes will also bring more light on important areas and help you achieve the healthy credit you are looking for.


    Phase 3: Establish

    Your third phase to healthy credit is to establish credit. This phase is important early in the process so that the new credit will have a chance to report multiple payments while you complete the rest of the phases. During the establish phase you can potentially be taking care of 3 aspects of your credit scores:

  • Debt Ratio - establishing new credit with large credit limits will decrease your debt ratio that affects 30% of your credit score. This alone can make a tremendous difference in your scores (but we don't want to stop there!)

  • New Credit - if you have experienced credit problems 10% of your scores will be affected by re-establishing credit after the problems.

  • Type of Credit - opening the right account can help the 10% of your credit score that is determined by the different types of credit you have available.

     So if you need to establish credit make sure to follow the advice of your credit consultant to be sure that you get the most out of your scores.  Remember to keep your balances low for at least 45 days before you apply for financing, this will help to maximize your scores as well (see Credit Balances).


    Phase 4: Dispute ( Every 30-45 days average)

    Your 4th Phase to Healthy Credit is for The Credit Store to dispute the identified inaccuracies from your Credit Evaluation. The dispute process can affect your Payment History which constitutes 35% of your credit scores. The dispute process will allow us to evaluate and make sure every identified account is accurate and verifiable. The Fair Credit Reporting Act states that if an account is inaccurate or unverifiable then it must be corrected or removed from the consumers’ credit report.

    You must understand that not every derogatory item that is reporting against you is inaccurate or unverifiable, and through the investigation process it may be found to be accurate.

    The “Better Credit, Better Life” programs range from 6 to 8 months, not to worry - many clients are where they need to be before this time-frame is up and services can be cancelled at any time. Always keep in mind that every credit report is different and your results may vary. All Clients receive results within 30-45 days during each time of disputing.

    Accurate and verifiable information cannot be removed from a credit report and no one (including us) can guarantee the removal of any specific item or guarantee a specific credit score.


    Phase 5: Negotiate /Settle (After 120 days)

    The 5th Phase to Healthy Credit is to negotiate/settle outstanding derogatory debt. The reasoning for negotiating/ settling after Phase 4 (Dispute) because we will compile a list of the derogatory debt that is accurate and verifiable to settle. During this process you will talk with the creditors to see if you can reach an agreed upon amount to pay off the debt.

    This phase is usually not seriously exercised and often skipped but it is also very important that you pay the debt that is owed. There could be some debt that you feel is unfair to pay but it is more unfair for it to be negatively affecting you for up to 7 years!

    You may be in a position to settle your debt but do not have the time to handle the process.  We do offer Debt Negotiation services to take care of this for you and take the stressing out of it.

    It is important to start saving money for this process if needed during the healthy credit process at the start of signing up. You should save as much as possible, but we recommend $100+ a pay period. If the savings is not needed it will be a start to a new beginning of saving.


    Phase 6: Save (6-12 months)

    Phase 6 is our favorite of all! At this point you have really made some tremendous headway and it is time move forward to start to reach your goals. The reason we call Phase 6 Save is because sometimes it is easy to get a little short sighted in the focus of our goals and we don't phase back and look at the entire picture.

    Phase 6 helps you save and apply for financing. You should check your finances in several areas to see how much money you can save. Below are some of the areas that we recommend that you look for savings:

  • Purchasing or Refinancing your home

  • Purchasing or Refinancing your automobile

  • Consolidating your credit cards into 1 low interest card

  • Re-applying for insurance

    We have seen clients save over $250 a month through this phase - can you afford to not follow our 7 Phases to Credit Success?


    Phase 7: Equip (Long Term)

    The last phase is bringing all the phases together. Now you should focus on the long term success of your credit using the tools and information that we supplied you throughout the program. Setting your budget and reviewing it every 2 or 3 months will help you to maintain long term success and financial freedom. 

  • We will soon have multiple packages to choose from. Free Consultation! (without credit review)


  • Cancelation Policy: You may cancel contract, without penalty or obligation, within (5) days after the date your enrollment payment is received. After (5 days) If either party default in the performance of any material obligation in this Agreement, then the non-defaulting party may give written notice to the defaulting party and if the default is not cured within thrity(30) days following such notice, the Agreement will be terminated. All contracts are month to month from start date of the agreement based upon intial credit reportsbeing received. Either party may cancel at any time with 30 days' notice, sent in written format. Notice shall not be considered received unless confrimation of receipt has been received by all parties.


     We are happy you chose to look deeper into your credit status. We hope that you decide our credit restoration program will help you achieve your long term success. You have made the right choice!





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